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Kimberly D. Scott, former “Video Girl” turned Podcast Practitioner, is an entrepreneur with a passion for helping others and having conversations about their life experiences and dementia. Originally from El Paso, Kimberly graduated from Southwest Texas in San Marcos with a BA in Business Management and Marketing.

 Kimberly started her first business in 2003, an “online” video production company focused on Multifamily aka Apartments, called Capture the Market, which became a well-known nationwide brand in the apartment industry.

 Since selling CTM in 2017, Kimberly took on the podcast world with Industry Celebrities Podcast, a podcast where Kimberly interviews industry professionals (in any industry), and ask them questions about their industry or passion plus her guests share a little advice to their younger self. And also began as a Brand Ambassador for Reliant Energy, an NRG Company.

 Kimberly also produces, B the Beer Guy and the Craft Beer Challenge, where Kimberly and her boyfriend, Brandon visit breweries to experience and educate those who don’t drink craft beer.

 In 2019, Kimberly realized her mission and purpose in life is to free the world of “the Dementia Burden”, by educating all that will listen on how Dementia affects caregivers, the benefits of having the tough conversation about dementia and preparing for death, one story at a time. If you have been a Dementia caregiver or know somebody who has that wants to share their story, please email us or connect with Kimberly.



Industry Celebrities

Industry Celebrities is a podcast where Kimberly interviews professionals, in all sorts of industries, asking questions about their passions or industry, which, to Kimberly, makes them an industry celebrity!

Craft Beer Tastings With B The Beer Guy

The craft beer rookie, Kimberly D. Scott and the Beer Dork, Brandon taste craft beers from everywhere and help others get educated on the world of craft beer.

Be On The Podcast

If you want to be a guest and have a conversation aka “convo with Kimberly” and share your knowledge of your industry, or experience, fill out the form below.  You will receive details, list of dates, times plus everything you need to decide whether to podcast or not.

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